Your chances for receiving better treasures have improved


Over the last few days Valve has received a lot of complaints regarding drop rates for Immortal Treasure III. While Steam support first claimed that there were no bugs, Valve released a post yesterday saying they had found one affecting the drop rate.

An update was released and the devs used the patch notes to try to explain what happened. The statement can be found on Steam’s website, with the most important part of the message explaining the following:

“Late last night we eventually found a bug that existed for all the Immortal treasures this season. It primarily affected players who opened a very large number of treasures, causing the drop rates to not escalate as quickly as they did last year. And since the volume of Treasure 3s were lower than the other two, it was a more visible bug to players.”

Valve has decided to pay retribution to the community and did the following to make up for their mistake:
— Fixing the bug
— Re-running rolls for Treasures I, II, III
— All Battle Pass owners will receive 10 extra levels

Valve also decided to use this opportunity to tackle the critisism they received for “The Promise of Eminent Revival.” They will award people who received the treasure with:

— 4x Immortal Treasure I
— 4x Immortal Treasure II
— 4x Immortal Treasure III

One thing that Valve has always been good at taking responsibility for their own mistakes. This time is no different. Admitting there’s a bug in your code and re-rolling all treasures isn’t something every developer would do. Hopefully this will appease the community and we can now look forward to The International 2018.

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