Iceberg thinks Winstrike will be fine at TI8 without a captain


Russian organisation FTM.Winstrike acquired the players from FlyToMoon around the time the squad qualified for The International 2018, and since then, they’ve been preparing for the prestigious event. Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasilenko recently spoke to joinDOTA about not needing a captain, his experience qualifying for the tournament, and his expectations leading into it.

On his team not needing a captain

In our team we are like the circles in a chain, we share our responsibilities. Everyone is responsible for what he does best.

For example one of us does coordination best, so that’s his responsibility. Others do something else. We don’t need a captain, because we are all an equally important piece in the chain. All linked together.

On the qualifiers for TI8

Mentally, it’s very difficult. There are 8 teams and only one slot. My cold-headed side understands that we are the strongest and we will win, but still the more emotional side, the hotter side in me, knows there is still a chance to lose.

If you let that side of you affect your mind, you can panic. So what you need to focus on yourself, let yourself be the center of your thoughts, focus on the victory. Contain your thoughts and don’t let this fiery energy mislead you.

On his team’s hopes for the upcoming tournament

Firstly, I hope we can show a good result. This is going to be my first TI, and I don’t know what to expect from it. Some people have said it will be way different than anything I have done before, so I can’t really have expectations for myself because I haven’t felt how different it’s going to be. Still I’m trying to be confident and hope I can do my best.

Winstrike will be one of 18 teams vying for the top spot at TI8, fighting for a a big piece of the prize pool – which is currently sitting at over $23 million. The tournament kicks off on Aug. 15.


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