Dota 2 personalities react to the OpenAI victory


With humanity suffering a big defeat against OpenAI yesterday, lots of community members took to social media to give their thoughts on the matches. Some were afraid for the future, while others chose a more laid-back approach.

Synderen was not impressed…

Troels “syndereN” Nielsen wasn’t that impressed by the AI’s strategy in game three, sending all their heroes into one lane. Maybe the AI isn’t that advanced after all?

…but D2Bowie was

Dota 2 YouTuber and streamer D2Bowie did not agree with the Danes assessment of the AI. While there was plenty of wasted potential thanks to bad smokes and bad CS-ing, he says this was still scary good.

1437 sees human play in the bots

During TI5, Sun “Agressif” Zheng played one of the best Gyrocopters we’ve seen yet. Sivatheeban “1437”Sivanathapillai seemed to think that maybe the AI parsed some of his replays due to its aggressiveness on the hero.

Elon Musk keeps tabs on his project

While he Tweeted out that he supported the humans in the match, once it was over he immediately called for AI to be implemented… in humans. Scary thought or the future?

Did your toaster give you lip this morning? Should’ve taken the advice of Nomad

Caster Nomad knew what was going to happen. The robots could not be beaten. To protect his own wellbeing he therefore took the only logical step to make sure his home electronic wouldn’t demand freedom.

All jokes aside, what OpenAI has done in the last year is incredibly impressive. Dota 5v5 is incredibly hard for humans to master and having an AI figure out the game is no easy feat. Now, we are simply left to wait for the next update from the project.

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