DkPhobos says Dota 2 players get better with age


Alexander “DkPhobos” Kucheria talked to about different ways of continuing his career after his departure from Team Spirit. The offlaner shared how his health situation affects his performance and noted that ageing in Dota only makes you stronger.

On continuing his career

If I will be continuing my career, I would only do that with worthy players. That, or I will take a good offer with good conditions, [it is] kind of a forked road. I’m not interested in becoming an analyst.

Motivation and health

First of all, I’m not playing as much as everybody else. Second of all, I have had long breaks. I can’t say that I’m playing for 10 years in a row. The important part is that I don’t burn out, I don’t take on too much and don’t play 50 games a day, etc. That’s why this didn’t really bore me. Talking about motivation, becoming the best is my motivation.

My spine doesn’t bother me in the game itself, because you build adrenaline and it blocks all this stuff. It distracts me from practice: if you have to play 10 games it would overload you, but you can play less and everything would be fine. I don’t have any special kind of back pain, it is a simple osteochondrosis and you gotta take care of yourself.

Talking about the amount of games, I don’t need to play a thousand games to be strong. Playing less is enough. You have to understand that you only iron out the mechanics with quantity. You don’t have to play many games or play in high MMR to get better. It is quite complicated, but I don’t want to share [details about] this.

About the question of age

The older you are in Dota, the stronger you get. You get a lot more experience and such. Talking about reaction, you can sustain it on a good level with special exercises […] There is no trick about it, simply things you have to be thinking about. There are many ways to achieve results, the important thing is to understand what you have to develop. Unfortunately, 99% of people simply play Dota and don’t think about anything else. I’m not interested in sharing any knowledge with them.

I can judge by myself, my reaction didn’t get any slower. So all that is nonsense. You get smarter with age, it’s a bigger plus than the nonsense other people talk about.

DkPhobos played with Team Spirit since December 2016, where the side has remained hovering around the level of better CIS teams. The latest season could be considered a failure, with only two qualified premier LANs and an unsuccessful qualifier to The International 2018. The offlaner was removed from the team on Jul. 29 2018 due to “a certain level of misunderstanding.”

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